Across the Wire

San Diego, California circa late 1990’s A young college director was shooting a short called ‘Across the Wire” and frog brother Cade Courtley, whom I had previously that year brought in on a History Channel project, reciprocated calling me to play the lead bad guy. Cade was the lead and played a police officer tasked with busting my illicit gun running operation. The Director, Rex Barret asked if we could bring gear and some other operators and we obliged. In those days I was tagging along and working with a Vietnam era stud frogman named Harry Constance, known for the book. Good to Go. We had some good fun those few days, Cade and I had a rooftop chase scene that for the budget was quite good. He realizes I am his childhood friend and dives in front of a sniper bullet to save me at the last minute and goes down. My character gets arrested and they show a montage of my life from jail as it ends. We had some great fun and afterwards we hit the town and I wore my orange prison suite complete with the story that I had just got out of jail and needed a girlfriend badly. GREAT TIMES!

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