The Ab Wedge

Hollywood, California circa 1997/98 timeframe I was hired for $5K to be the pitchman for this over marketed piece of hardened foam shaped like a wedge called “THE AB WEDGE.” The new five in-one fitness PHENOM! You literally can go from fat to flat using this revolutionary fitness device, or something like that was the script. Really fun day, I showed up and they had a H1 Hummer sitting right on the beach and the Producers asked if I knew how to drive one. I immediately reminisced about an adventure with my frog brother Ed Thelander hunting bear in northern Alaska early 1990’s whereas on our off road trek, 100 miles or more from civilization we came to a fairly large stream perhaps 5-600 meters wide with a painted stake on the other side indicating where to aim driving across. I look at Ed, he emphatically shakes his head up and down “yes yes yes,” so I put it into low gear and powered through literally tipping the huge Hummer on its side with him submerged halfway in water for several seconds as we powered through then luckily we popped level and made it across. Love that memory Eddie! OK, so I digressed a little; this was the infomercial for that product shot that day that I was compensated $5K for that fun day on the beach.

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