Lew Knopp is a proud American, former United States Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, actor, producer, diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and CEO of a multi-disciplinary, global risk management and specialty services firm entitled Templar Titan, Inc.


As an entrepreneur, Knopp has founded and led several successful companies in support of the global war on terror, disaster preparedness & response, media & entertainment, construction, nutrition supplement and physical fitness. He currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Templar Titan, Inc., Titan Development Group, LLC, All-American Services, Global Matrix Solutions Group, and Obelisk Media, LLC. Knopp and his companies have worked all over the world supporting efforts in the face of tyranny, inequality and less than noble actions, Knopp has assisted in engineering critical risk management solutions for dozens of Americans in geo-politically charged environments where extreme danger and life challenging situations were present. Knopp has architected numerous successful recoveries, life support humanitarian and direct action services and solutions to the afflicted globally; this includes multiple Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Response (HA/DR) engagements, recovering personnel and assets, protecting high net worth individuals, Fortune 500 Companies, governments, entertainment professionals and foreign dignitaries. 


At home, Knopp’s companies have made significant contributions to the recovery efforts of Hurricane Katrina, Ike, and Gustav Sandy along with the post 9/11 recovery efforts at the World Trade Center site. He has been able to enjoy a great deal of mission success via the efforts of his teammates and those who prescribe to the tenants of the Titan brand (Loyalty, Honor, Justice, Courage, Purity and Service), it’s commitment to providing rapidly deployable, highly professional services in the direct face of tyranny, corruption and extreme events and actions globally. He has been able to accomplish these noble efforts by the blending of multi-disciplinary services, high caliber operators and emergent technologies timely for a vast array of people, organizations, and governments worldwide.  

As a former Navy SEAL, Knopp was on the forefront of the United States pre-9/11 efforts to combat terrorism and help train allies of the United States government in the strategy and tactics of special warfare operations. He is an expert in asymmetrical, urban and jungle warfare, maritime operations, MOUT, small unit arms and tactics, traditional & non-traditional explosive demolition, free fall parachuting and all manner of open water dive and mini sub-operations, tactical driving and a vast array of “specialty” skills Knopp is an accomplished street fighter from West Virginia and Pittsburgh trained in Thai boxing and jiu-jitsu. After having honorably served in the military, Knopp also served as a Counter Nuclear Proliferation Team member in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Ukraine. Knopp speaks fluent Spanish and is conversational in Portuguese and Russian.


As a child, Knopp grew up in the hills of West Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was surrounded by family challenges and bad influences. He would have found himself a life of trouble had it not been for a loving Aunt who bought him a free weight set and workout bench and a loving grandmother who passionately instilled the pillars of his family heritage. At a young age, Knopp channeled his tremendous energy, into a focused effort on improving his physical strength and athletic abilities. It was his extreme physical conditioning that opened the door for him to become a member of the elite United States Navy SEAL Team. For two and a half decades, Knopp has been a recognized contributor to the American way of life and his U.S. countrymen’s interests domestically, and abroad. 


Knopp continues to engineer & design life support and critical humanitarian solutions for the afflicted via a wide spectrum of services, a robust global network and a passion to serve. He exemplifies the virtues, values and belief system that comprise the American way of life. 


TT Loyalty Blue – 1st logo and spirit connected to the protection and preservation of homeland USA 

Superior Athlete System “the Manual”  – 1998 wrote & published an 120 page plus, Spiritual Intellectual & Physical training system

Superior Athlete supplements – 7 different cutting edge products – Whey protein, Multi-Vitamin, Defense, Glutamine, Creatine, Joint Enhancement

Obelisk Media – production company of Templar Titan formed in 1999

All American Construction – CA license 775308.

My 1st construction company Santa Monica, CA 1998